Email Marketing For Small Businesses and NPO


The Need for Email Marketing In Small Businesses

The introduction of the internet has greatly changed the way people do their business. The technology is currently being in major areas of science and medicine. Currently marketing has not also been left behind. Many businesses are now using email marketing in order to remain relevant in this competitive world. The following are some of the main benefits a business accrue on marketing online.

1) Attracts prospective customers

Many people are now using the internet to carry out most of their activities. It is possible to order a pair of shoes at the comfort of your house. This has led to many people depending on the internet as a source of information. More customers will be reached when marketing is done online.

2)  24/7 services

The other key benefit of using email marketing is that the virtual shops run round the clock. Through this, the business owner is assured that they are earning even when they are asleep.

3) Cost effective advertising

The other benefit that comes with the email marketing is that the advertisements are cost effective compared to the convectional advertisements. The adverts are almost free and reach many across the globe in real time.

4) Real time tracking

There are many analytical tools that one can use to measure the effectiveness of their advertising. Some of them include the Google analytics that will tell how many people visited the website. This allows for proper planning for the advertisement in order to generate more leads for the business.

More and more businesses are now recognizing the importance of email marketing. If you are in business and want to remain relevant in your niche you have no choice but to adopt the new technology. Request an expert to assist in creating a selling website that can increase the leads and sales.


4 Key Email Marketing Tips for Non-Profit Organizations

Funds are usually paramount in running any non-profit organization. There is need to establish proper channels for raising funds through event organizations. Most of the NGOs around the world are looking for easier, faster and even quick ways of making money and email marketing must be in their list. Managing all the lists can be hectic, but with the following email marketing tips it will never be a hustle again.

  • Creating specific landing pages

In most cases, the NGOs send the mails with a link taking the reader back to their main website. This may lead to confusion of the leader as to which cause they are contributing. It is important to create a landing page for each meal to make the information more precise,

  • Segmentation

Avoid sending mails to all the people in the contact list. This could be annoying when one receives messages that hey are not aware of. Segment the list and send the information to specified categories of people.

  • Consistency

Consistency is among the key email marketing tips to consider. Ensure that you keep the donors updated on the events of the organization by creating a calendar of your events. Send them mails according to the function and the resources required. This will build a good rapport and they will be willing to help.

  • Social media platform

It is very important to integrate with the social media. They have numerous members and followers who will be willing to help. Create an account and keep them updated with the events of the NGO.

With the above email marketing tips it is possible to spearhead an NGO and get more support and funds than ever.